Dex Quire is a Seattle writer

October 18, 2007 § 3 Comments

DQ’s writing aids or how to write while sitting at your desk:

changing 3 way light bulbs, clean yr messy desk, floss, read Spanish lit, lose & find and lose again 10-year-old Nordstrom loafers, practice Japanese at the greeting level, domo, domo, microwave frozen meals, iPod rock up to 1993, blues all decades, classical guitar, Mozart, Villa Lobos, calling younger brother at work, vacuum studio, dust studio, wash all of roommates dishes, pluck books from shelves that have nothing to do with yr subject (scholarly procrastination), get sentimental about family, the occassional smoke, calling PMA to see what he is reading, ditto Rol, calling Ion to see how his alternative fuel project is going, flip on talk radio, read blogs, interview myself, wonder what I’m doing, sharpen pencils with pocket knife outside in back yard, worry about the immensly tall, shallow-rooted hemlock trees crashing down on the studio on windy afternoons, make peanut butter and jelly tortilla for son, flip through coffee table books especially the ones on torture implements, Pompeii and Renaissance charcol sketches…

§ 3 Responses to Dex Quire is a Seattle writer

  • Jeff says:

    Is Dex an alumn of Theta Chi at UW? I am the current president of the house and his book was sent to the house. Just wondering why.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello?My name is Rajnir, and I own the boarding house mentioned in the book, a copy of which appeared in our mailbox yesterday?May I inquire whether the author is a former or current tenant?Please to tell us what the situation is in regards to this matter.Thank you,RajnirGreensward Housing

  • BigLeeH says:

    Hello Das, I’d been wondering what you’d been up to since Sunbreak City popped through the portal into the virtual world. Sounds like you’ve been busy. The nice thing about three-way light bulbs is that you don’t have to change them until both filaments have burned out. You can tell which one has burned out by the behavior of the lamp. As you rotate the switch if the sequence is OFF-OFF-ON-ON then filament one has burned out. If it is OFF-ON-OFF-ON then it is filament two. Filament two usually goes first because it burns hotter and you can expect filament one to last a good while after it goes. But if filament one goes first it is best to have a replacement bulb on hand, preferably someplace you can find it in the dark.I am not sure I could clean up my messy desk in as little as three years. Every now and then I clean up a small corner — while looking for a lost three-way light bulb or something — but cleaning up the whole thing, should I decide to do it — would be my life’s work.Good to hear from you.BigLeeH

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